Our Learning Circles

Our Learning Circles are designed with everyone in mind! You can participate from anywhere in the world.We make learning fun, cooperative, non-threatening and non-hierarchical by taking everyone’s opinions and knowledge into account. In our Learning Circles, everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time!

We publish Unique True Life Stories and use them for LEARNING AND TEACHING. Our LEARNING CIRCLES are unique because when possible, subjects of our stories participate in them 
and they respond to your questions as their stories are unfolding. If our subjects are unable to participate in Learning Circles about their stories, we research and find information about issues raised in their stories or find people who are knowledgeable about these issues.

As a subject and/or participant, you watch true life stories unfold before your very eyes from the comfort of your computer and have permission to give feedback!! All in the spirit of learning and teaching!!