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"In Islam or Jihad if a leader dies, it will not make any difference to the cause. When they announce that Osama Bin Laden is dead, Muslims, Al-Qaeda members and their supporters will not feel down. The cause will move with or without Osama Bin Laden.”

“Al-Qaeda is not just Osama Bin Laden.”


If Osama Bin Laden was dead they would not hide it as they will say that he went to Paradise and we should all follow his path”.

If Osama Bin Laden dies, they will announce it believe me. Muslims will have more courage to follow his example and die like him for Islam. It will not make any difference at all as Zawahiri will take over”.

If all Al-Qaeda members in Pakistan die, the ones in Yemen, Algeria and other countries will continue with the sleeper cells. They will continue with business as usual”.

“This is how Islam is. In Islam, from the beginning until now, all the leaders seek death like their soldiers. They never send an army and stay behind. When the leader gets killed, somebody will scream and say, "Let us all follow our leader and die fighting harder". Al-Qaeda has already organized their leadership system and they have been expecting Osama Bin Laden to die any minute. They are ready for it.”

The Egyptians are more aggressive than Osama Bin Laden and Zawahiri is already a respected name among Muslims who sympathize with Al-Qaeda”.

Look at Islam as a system of life then you will understand Jihad. The death of a leader will not make a difference”.

Those were the words of the author of a true life story that is still unfolding. He was responding to a number of questions posed to him months before the May 2011 headlines “screamed” "Osama Bin Laden is dead" and families and friends of victims of the horrendous September 11, 2001 attack on the United States of America felt vindicated at long last! But was it too soon to “celebrate”? The author of this unique true life story seemed to suggest strong reasons for guarded optimism!

My name is Margaret and I am a unique true life story author. I source unique true life stories and work with subjects of the stories to chronicle and present their life stories as sequels. The sequels are aimed at informing, educating and facilitating learning while attempting to resolve issues raised in them. The primary objective is to bring about good. The true life stories chronicled in the sequels are told by the subjects themselves and the intention is to shed light on private thoughts, private lives and private situations that have far reaching implications for the subjects, local and global communities. As the sequels unfold, intimate details that are often overlooked in "traditional story telling" provide ample material for learning, teaching and doing something about issues that affect the subjects, other individuals and groups! 

Because of the sensitive nature of the intimate details they share about their lives, subjects of my unique true life stories often use pseudonyms and they are especially encouraged to do so when physical and emotional safety is at stake. It is what the author of this unique true life story chose to do after he was threatened with death and forced to “go underground” for “trashing” Jihad. He has also been called an infidel and falsely accused of being a CIA informant by hard core members of the Ummah (Community of Muslim Believers) including some members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. As a hyphenated Canadian citizen with dual citizenship, the author of this unique true life story has much to teach through his life story. He provides intimate details about his life as a Muslim and a Mujahid.

Please join me as I launch this unique true life story project which allows Muslim subjects to tell their own life stories freely and express their most private and deepest thoughts without being subjected to any "Court" because they tell stories "under cover". The fact that subjects use pseudonyms and individuals reflect on the issues raised in their stories "in private" promotes critical thinking which is not permitted in Islam and many of the world's religions. This project encourages the subjects, other Muslims, their family members, friends, associates and the people of the world to reflect very deeply about issues raised in the stories, ask very tough questions and even challenge what is accepted as truth. These reflections will be shared through the sequels.

I have named this particular project “THE ISAAC ISHMAEL CONFLICT: TELLING THE STORIES, CONNECTING THE DOTS” and begin with an Introductory Story that unfolded in Uganda, East Africa during Idi Amin’s rule.

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Have a great learning experience!